• N° 1 steamer for each deck
• Hood with one speed exhaust fan
• N° 1 steam exhaust valve each deck
• Baking plates in “armored concrete”
• Dismountable glass doors and with lever opening
• Safety thermostat
• Steam generators control by electrovalve with timer
• Presetting for shipment of oven fully assembled
• Automatic start
• Aided draught kit
• Available in versions SMART 0.8H and 0.20H, and HI CONTROL 0.20H depending on working hours

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All the excellent performance and baking quality of Polin steam pipe technology with the big savings of the pellet. For each type of steam pipe ovens a pellet-fired version has been developed, in which the technology has been perfectly designed for this type of power. Compared with similar ovens on the market, they have the lowest operating cost in the world.

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