N° 3 steam tube decks heated by pellet burner.
• Top deck electric and independent with mass ceramic electric elements
• Maximum working temperature 350 °C for electric deck
• N° 1 steam generator per deck
• Deck ready for installation of supplementary steam generator
• Baking plates in “ armored concrete”
• N° 1 steam exhaust valve each deck.
• Steam generators control by electrovalve with timer
• Hood with one speed exhaust fan
• Safety thermostat for steam pipes decks
• Automatic adjustment of front temperature (electric deck).
• Safety thermostats for steam generators and electric deck.
• Doors with low emission dismountable glass (with lever opening for ovens width 84)
• Automatic start
• Aided draught kit
• Available in versions SMART 0.8H and 0.20H, and HI CONTROL 0.20H depending on working hours

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+36 70 324 3566