• N° 1 steam generator for each deck
• Hood with exhaust fan
• N° 1 steam exhaust valve each deck
• Double speed exhausting hood
• (standard width 186 – 248)
• Steam generators control by electrovalve with timer (SIMPLE excluded)
• Fumes chimney with manual shutter
• Safety thermostat
• Emergency wood body furnace frontal (without grids and door – optional)
• Baking plates in “armored concrete”
• Doors with low emission dismountable glass
• Automatic start (excluding SIMPLE)
• Baking timer (excluding SIMPLE)

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TV Drago is the deck oven offering the most modern functions and working comfort, while maintaining a sweet and smooth quality of cooking. TV Drago is the technological evolution of the traditional oven. The refractory mass which is fitted is so large as to permit an accumulation capacity and maintenance of calories, such as to ensure a gentle and uniform cooking, totally comparable to that of a traditional wood oven.

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