• Baking chamber with convection heating
• Outside panels in st/st
• Computer MULTIBAKE 100 programs
• Weekly automatic start
• Electric board removable from the front for easy maintenance
• Water drain system in the floor
• Steam generator with water nebulization
• Mass steam generator (optional) to be specified when ordering
• Chamber provided with 2 halogen lamps for complete visibility of the product
• Steam automatic exhaust valve (Fast Air).
• Door with double glass low emitting type
• Possibility of symmetric oven. (standard hinges left side – handle and electric board right side), to be specified
when ordering
• Automatic self-cleaning (optional) to be specified when ordering

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The result of Polin’s vast experience, the Wind ventilated electric oven is exceptionally versatile in its operation and can be used in extremely compact spaces, thus meeting the needs of bakeries and pastry shops. They are equipped with stainless steel armoured electric elements for high temperatures, as well as a water vaporiser. They also ensure rapid and uniform baking.

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