• Horizontal flame pellet burner with feeding screw and control system (excluded pellet tank)
• Modular steam generator, with cascade elements with spheres (great steam production)
• Steamers with automatic feed
• Hood with improved exhaust fan and fat box
• Door with double glass and double closing
• USB connection
• Automatic steam exhaust system (Fast Air 3 positions)
• Manual emergency steam exhaust valve
• Rapid cooling valve
• Automatic start
• Standard rotation device with hook (for ergonomic reasons it’s recommended for racks up to 100 kg full load)
• Electric board with extended cables to hang it on oven’s sides.
• Aided draught kit flue gas circuit
• Oven with burner on the right is available (optional – Excluded 80120)
• Preset for automatic lifting group by lever (optional – Excluded 80120)
• Available on versions FLEX ENERGY 0.8H and HI CONTROL 0.20H depending on working hours
• Steel brush for exchanger tube cleaning
• Standard st/st exterior panel
• Flue gas circuit draft control pressure switch kit

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We started with our best Rotary Ovens, which are recognised all over the world for their high-level of performance. We had the idea to use pellets while maintaining all the original performance capabilities and features. After five years of study and research, we have developed the first Rotary Oven that offer, to the bakery world, the opportunity to bake any product in an environmentally friendly way.

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