RotoAvant FB is the new Polin rotary oven designed to combine perfect baking and brilliant performance, with the added advantage of optimizing space in a workshop.

Ideal for the production of bread and pastry products, it provides high performance and great production flexibility.

It features a set of advanced functions that further increase the performance of the oven and make work easier. The versions available (Smart, Flex Energy, Hi Control) have been designed to meet all production requirements. RotoAvant FB is also pre-set for BakeApp, the remote monitoring software for ovens.

Heat generator with front access
• Integrated electric board with front access
• Only model 4676, shipped in 2 preassembled elements (installation in few hours) or completely
assembled (as option)
• Model 6080 is supplied in single elements like Roto Avant or completely assembled (as option)
• Model 80100 is supplied in single elements or or fully assembled, on request in three elements
• Automatic steam exhaust system (Fast Air)
• Automatic start
• Hood with exhaust fan and grill
• Door with double low emissivity glass and double closing
• Door cooling system
• Standard rotation device with clutch and hook (due to ergonomic reasons it is recommended for racks
with up to 100 kg full load)
• Heat generator with armored heating elements (SE)
• Steam generator with cascade elements with spheres
• Preset for automatic lever lifting device (as option)
• Rack height: 1815 mm for model 4676 and 1920 mm for model 6080 and 80100
• Standard st/st exterior panel

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