• Steamers with automatic feed
• Hood with exhaust fan
• Door with double glass
• El/elements heat generator.(SE)
• Standard rotation device with hook (for ergonomic reasons it’s recommended for racks up to 100 kg full load)
• Electric board with extended cables to hang it on oven’s sides
• Racks height 1815 mm

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The Roto Classic line of ovens was conceived and designed to guarantee high performance with maximum energy efficiency. It has always been known for its reliability and strength, and is available in four versions, which were developed to meet the more specific needs of bakers and pastry chefs. The Roto Classic is a rotary oven with great production flexibility; it monitors and maintains factors that determine a room’s air quality so that they remain at optimum levels. This is done by gently and evenly controlling the flow of heat and steam over the product.

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