• Modular steam generator, with cascade elements with spheres (great steam production)
• Steamers with automatic feed
• Hood with potentiated exhaust fan
• Door (thickness 140 mm) with double glazing, double locking point and double silicon and structural steel gasket
• Radiant combustion chamber and large exchange surface area (SC)
• Heat exchanger with armored heating elements. (SE)
• Standard rotation device with hook
• (for ergonomic reasons it’s recommended for racks up to 100 kg full load)
• Electric board with extended cables to hang it on oven’s sides
• Independent pressure pipes, partitions and flow directioners of the cooking chamber
• Oven with burner on the right is available (optional)(Excluded 80120)
• Preset for automatic lifting group by lever (optional) (Excluded 80120)
• Racks height 1920 mm
• Standard st/st exterior panel
• Maximum temperature 300°C
• Burner side on the left and door hinges on the right
• Upper hitch with wide hook Polin with extended shaft to adapt the height to your own racks

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Roto Avant contains the best of our experience in rotary oven technology. It is an oven that offers great production flexibility, high-quality baking, and maximum energy efficiency. It monitors and maintains factors that determine a room’s air quality so that they remain at optimum levels. This is done by gently and evenly controlling the flow of heat and steam over the product from the earliest and most delicate stages of firing. Made in five different versions, and developed to meet the more specific needs of bakers and pastry chefs, RotoAvant offers excellent benefits and performance. Its great flexibility makes it ideal for use either as a single oven, or as part of large-scale production, not only because it can be positioned symmetrically and in rows, but also because it offers the additional option of an Industry Pack for each version. This is a set of accessories and functions ideal for those with multiple ovens and large-scale production.

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