Horizontal flame pellet burner with feeding screw and control system (excluded pellet tank)
• Extremely compact size
• Outside panels in st/st
• Oven shipped in 2 preassembled elements (installation in few hours) or fully assembled (optional)
• Automatic steam exhaust system (Fast Air 3 positions)
• Rapid cooling system
• Automatic start
• Hood with exhaust fan
• Double glass door
• Standard rotation device with hook (for racks up to 100 kg full load)
• Electric board with extended cables to hang it on oven’s sides
• Aided drought kit flue gas circuit
• Possibility of air steam condenser, integrated in the hood (optional – installation without discharge chimneys
in SE version)
• Possibility of burner on the right side (optional)
• Steam generator with cascade elements with spheres + liter-counter (optional)
• Available on versions FLEX 0.4H and HI CONTROL 0.12H depending on working hours
• Steel brush for exchanger tube cleaning
• Flue gas circuit draft control pressure switch kit

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The great experience with designing Rotopellet, the first rotary pellet, guided us to the realization of Pocket Pellet, an oven that combines all the functionality of Pocket, the great economic advantage of the pellet. The design of this oven was made with the idea of maintaining all the performance and features of what is the most compact of the rotary Polin.

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