• Front with “AVANT” type design
• Totally indipendent chambers
• Armored st/st electric elements
• N° 1 steam generator for each chamber with timed electrovalve
• Hood with one speed exhaust fan
• Removable hood grid in stainless steel
• N° 1 “DIGIT 01/E” digital keyboard for each deck with special functions for controlling and energy saving
• Power distributor included
• Power optimizer included
• Automatic adjustment of front temperature
• Baking plates in “armored concrete”
• Electric board accessible from the front for easy maintenance.
• Anticorrosion kit (i.e. Steam generators heads and connecting pipes)
• Doors with low emission dismountable glass
• Daily / weeky automatic start included in the first digital keyboard

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The innovative technology of Elettrodrago Elektros outperforms normal electric ovens armored elements and offers a perfect cooking with products of small, medium and even large size. Working without wasting energy distributes heat evenly over the surface of the product, thus allowing optimal development. The baking chambers are completely independent.

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