• Front with “AVANT” type design
• Totally indipendent chambers
• Mass ceramic electric elements
• Maximum working temperature 350°
• New Hybrid Control 5” panel for each room standard
• Automatic adjustment of mouth temperature through a dedicated probe
• Power distributor included
• Automatic start/stop daily and weekly included
• Steamer for each chamber with timed electrovalve
• Doors with low emission dismountable glass
• New lighting system with 2 lights for each room
• (furnaces width 84 – 1 light), positioned in the mouth of easy replacement
• Baking plates in “armored concrete”
• Electric board accessible from the front for easy maintenance
• Anticorrosion kit (i.e. steam generators heads and connecting pipes)
• Hood with one speed exhaust fan
• Removable hood grid in stainless steel

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It develops in a perfect way any type of product consuming less of the other ovens of the same category. It is equipped with a special heat system, with electric resistors surrounded by a mass consisting of ceramic and accommodated in the suitably shaped steel panels. The result of this technology is a minor drop in temperature, optimal distribution and continuous heat in the room: contributing factors to guarantee to any kind of product a perfect development and an ideal cooking.

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